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Posted 27 June 2013 - 02:43 PM

<a href="http://www.cpaexamcl...online-textbook"><br /> <img src="http://api.ning.com:...&#38;height=180" width="240" height="180" alt="Thumbnail" /><br /> </a><br />View the Revolutionary CPA Products from Fast Forward Academy:<br/>
<a href="http://www.cpanet.co...my/cpa-exam.asp">http://www.cpanet.co...my/cpa-exam.asp</a><br /><br />The FastBook is the most advanced technology, which can give you leverage over the exam and immensely improve your chance of success.<br /><br />Performance Data:<br /><br />We track your performance answering questions and bring that information right into the book. Using that intelligence we can highlight key areas in the text that can improve your outcome on the exam.<br /><br />Community Data:<br /><br />As you study the text, community performance data is included for your reference to help you pinpoint areas where you can save or invest more time. You are not the only one studying for this exam and we can bring insight to you from the crowd creating more effective and efficient study.<br /><br />FastFocus:<br /><br />“Click” … that’s all it takes and now your full text just shrunk itself automatically based on your performance and manual selections to the exact content that has the highest probability of boosting your score on the real exam.<br /><br />Opportunities:<br /><br />As you learn, we learn and this allows the intelligent textbook to flag areas automatically for you based on where you are prepared or need to invest more time. The FastBook guides you through the content exposing the opportunities automatically that will definitely impact your exam score. This is the future of education... a custom, one-size-fits-one advantage.<br /><br />Notes:<br /><br />Highlight the text, write notes, and search them to flag important content you want to study. Keep all of your thoughts organized in one central location.<br /><br />Launch into custom study sessions:<br /><br />Using performance and community data... did this smart textbook expose an area to invest some time in? Great, with one button click you can automatically launch into a study session on this content. You can refine your knowledge in this area by getting hands on with questions and we will further refine your FastBook based on your performance.<br /><br /><p><b>RELATED:</b><br/> = <a href="http://www.cpaexamcl...forward-academy">Fast Forward Academy Discounts for CPA Exam Club members</a></p>
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