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Preparing for CPA after attending sub-par college

CPA Masters Becker CLEP Prepare Study

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Posted 09 January 2014 - 04:30 AM

Long story short, I have a bachelors in accounting from what I would consider a mediocre college similar to Univ of Phoenix.  The classes started out very thorough with great instructor support, but that kind of faded away as I got into the harder classes and I was pretty much on my own.  By the time I realized this I was too far into my degree and I would have gone way back if I transferred to another college.   I finished my degree with a good gpa, but know I didn’t learn as much as I would have in a regular state university.  That being said some people have told me you will learn 90% of what you really need to know on the job anyway, so don’t worry about what you forgot, never grasped, etc in college. 


I recently started with a regional accounting firm, so I am not concerned with getting hired – just getting my CPA.  I still need about 25 credits to before I have the required 150 to test.  So here is my dilemma; do I clep a bunch of stuff (1-2months) to get the credits and really dive into the Becker review which my company provides to make up for any deficiencies in my education, or should I complete a master’s program?  I was accepted into a AACSB accredited master’s of accounting program (UAB) but the first week of classes really make it seem like I will be back to teaching myself everything from a textbook and I don’t really want to waste 18mos and $10,000 if Becker would get me to the same end result. 


So bottom line, any advice you can give would be appreciated.  Especially if you attended a college that did little to prepare you for the CPA exam, but you went on to pass anyway.  Thanks!



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