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What is More Important – SALARY, BRAND or JOB PROFILE

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Posted 19 April 2015 - 05:25 AM

What is More Important – SALARY, BRAND or JOB PROFILE 
Yesterday a colleague in my office put in her papers as she got an offer from a big telecom company and obviously with a higher salary package. When she entered my cabin and informed she has got a job in that company with an increased salary package, I was very happy for her. Obviously it feels nice to see someone grow in his/her professional career and especially when you know that someone from your organization has got a break in a bigger organization. That goes on to show the kind of work he/she would have done with us and it also helps our firm get some recognition.
However, my happiness and smile was short-lived the moment she told me about her job profile. She is a young and bright chartered accountant and the clients have always appreciated her work. I could make out that she herself was not happy with the job profile and mentioned that to me but the factors that were driving her to change the job were purely two:
Better brand; and
A Higher salary package.
I was completely taken aback when she herself acknowledged that the job profile was not of her interest. But since the salary hike was good, she doesn’t bother much about the job profile and that is something she might be able to manage later. Completely respecting her decision, I accepted her resignation.
However, this incidence has really made me feel how we have started to think about our careers. Are we taking decisions in haste, purely short term and do we ever think long term? Or is long term thinking a passé and in today’s world one should only believe in making quick money by taking quick short-term decisions because who knows what happens in the long run.
In another incidence, my partner met an old colleague of our firm who left us last year and joined some equity research firm in Mumbai. When he met him at the Mumbai airport and asked how his job as an equity research analyst was going, he was surprised to hear that within one year he had already changed the job and then more surprisingly, his statement – “Sir to succeed in life and increase your salary, you should keep shifting jobs every year”. That was a shocking statement for my partner and even to me, but perhaps may be not for the generation of today.
The point I am trying to make here is not that people shouldn’t change jobs for better salary and bigger brand. They should definitely. But while taking that decision, in my personal view the most important factor one should consider is what’s the job profile I am getting. I have seen thousands of professionals take a wrong career decision in their life and once taken, it becomes very difficult to amend or reverse it. That’s because the moment you enter a wrong career path and spend some time working, you are branded for that job and consequently, changing the career path later, becomes extremely difficult. However, I do appreciate that lot of times we are in a condition where we don’t have options left and to sustain in life we have to take that decision. For those people, it is understandable, though I still believe that if you have a very strong desire to achieve something, no one can stop you. However, I don’t want to touch on that topic and deviate from what I intend to say here.
I have always very strongly believed that – “True success is achieved only when your passion turns into your profession”. The moment your passion is converted into profession you have taken control over your life and once you have done that, money and fame and recognition is bound to follow. The question is how do you identify your passion or your mojo?
And that is where the process of continuous learning helps. If you get stagnant with your role in the organization without any effort to hone your skills, you probably may not be able to identify your passion or your mojo. You have to continuously strive to improve your profile, your job skills, your non-job skills and then keep looking for that opportunity where your skills completely compliment the desired skills so that you are able to identify your right partner…professionally.
In fact, finding the right job for yourself is actually like finding your life partner. In your personal life, you don’t want to get married to someone who is unable to compliment your way of life, someone who is unable to compliment your beliefs, someone who is unable to empathize with your feelings and finally someone who doesn’t love you or you don’t love him/her.
If you can’t compromise on your life partner, then why hurry and take a wrong decision to chose your professional partner?? After all, professional partner is as important as life partner.
Anyways, I think this is a personal decision and everyone has his/her way of thinking and acting. However, I would still like offer some quick tips that I personally feel might help you find your passion and perhaps, your right job:
Don’t take decisions in haste;
Think and then act. It is the decision of YOUR career and not anyone’s else;
Keep thinking about what you want to do in life on a long term basis;
All decisions taken short term are generally not good. Take shots thinking long term;
Keep improving your skills so that you are able to analyse the gaps in YOU, improve them and then take an informed decision;
Your circle of influence should be such that is able to help you rather than confuse you. Read more on http://nimishgoel.co...family-friends/
Money will always follow if you do a good job. You will do a good job only when you like your job. You will like your job only when you find the right job. You will find the right job only when you know your passion and keep patience and looking for it.
This article is perhaps one of my shortest article because I don’t want to write anything more, rather would love to hear more from my blog readers (www.nimishgoel.com) and solicit their views on how they feel about taking career decisions. I would love to see your response to my question on my Facebook page “Nimish Goel Blog” or email me on nimishgoel.blog@gmail.com.
Wishing you all green lights in life…